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Why Invest With Us?

  • Proven Track Record:

    Our affiliate, American Charter Development (ACD) has been developing state government funded public charter schools since 2004 and is now completing the construction of their 42nd public charter school.

    All schools have enrollment wait lists and solid job creation track records.

  • Fast Return of Investor Funds:

    The return of investor funds from previously built ACD charter schools averages less than 3 years.

    EB-5 investors generally want their funds back as soon as possible…we deliver on that desire.

  • EB-5 Project Safety:

    The Education Fund is led by a team of investment experts that have over the last 25 years provided over $5.5 Billion in loans to real estate based businesses located throughout all 50 U.S states.

    Every school project that we sponsor has achieved an EB-5 Project Scoring Index rating of:EXCELLENT.

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