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Education Fund of America provides EB-5 investors from all over the world a safe, secure and predicable path to U.S. citizenship. We are the first EB-5 resource center with a 100% focus on U.S. public charter school projects. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. We also welcome you to visit our Learning Center for more information.




EB-5 Project Risk Assessment # 4 (of 27) Character & Integrity

Character can be defined as the behavioral traits leading to whether the EB-5 project developer will make good on their commitment. It describes the person’s: honesty, integrity, reputation and how they treat others. As a lender for many decades, we believe that knowing borrowers “Character” is extremely crucial. We... Read More »

EB-5 Project Risk Assessment #2 (of 27) – Market Demand

We’re providing twenty seven factors for assessing EB-5 project risk. Today the factor is market demand. Lenders and financiers usually determine the future prospects for a market to see if societal shifts or other issues could impact future market demand. Take for example the video rental business that enjoyed... Read More »

EB-5 Assessment #1: Local Market Demand

As a national lender that has – seen it all – one of the first questions that we ask a potential borrower (for an income producing project) is: “help us understand why you believe that there is strong and sustainable local demand for your project.” If the developer is... Read More »

EB-5 Project Investing Best Practices

Banking, financing and investing professionals have “best practices” when it comes to deciding what projects or businesses to fund.  At a high level, they assess…  - What is the project’s probability of success (as presented in a business plan) and, - What are the protections if something goes wrong?... Read More »

Education Fund of America Launches with “Seven C’s of EB-5 Investing”

Green Valley, Arizona. The U.S. EB-5 program helps foreign nationals obtain a Green Card if their investment in a U. S. business creates 10 American jobs. Foreign nationals have, since 2003, invested over $3.1 billion of foreign capital in the U.S. economy, creating well over 65,000 jobs for U.S.... Read More »

Education Fund of America EB-5 Learning Center

We are pleased to announce the new Education Fund of America EB-5 Investment Learning Center on our website. Click on this link for more information on Education Fund, Charter Schools, the EB-5 program and the immigration process. Learn more about the Seven C’s of EB-5 Investing, too. In the... Read More »

Assessing Risk of EB-5 Investments

Lenders and investors are most concerned about two things in any project. The lenders’ Credit Analysis activities will focus on these two objectives when assessing risk. Understanding the probability of getting their money back, and Receiving a desired rate of return on their loan – investment. The EB-5 investor... Read More »

7-C’s of EB-5 Credit Analysis

Based on our decades of investment experience, we have developed a proprietary method for assessing EB-5 project risk that we’ll be discussing in our resource center and in other areas of our website. This internal company assessment system is used by the Credit Committee of Education Fund of America... Read More »

Financing Schools; Inspiring Children

Welcome to the news and blog section for the Education Fund of America website. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing more information with you, learning more about your story and working with you within the EB-5 program. Please contact us for more information. Read More »