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EdisonEducation Fund of America was founded by Greg Wing . Mr Wing is dedicated to creating the best public charter schools in the United States while providing EB-5 investors with a fast and secure path to U.S. citizenship. In addition the collaboration has resulted in outstanding investor results, averaging less than 2-1/2 years return on investment for education projects.

We are confident that our knowledge and experience can help guide you in your process through EB-5 investing. We are especially confident in our ability to provide you with a safe, secure and predictable EB-5 investment. Read more on the Seven C’s of EB-5 Investment in the Education Fund of America Learning Center and attend the Seven C’s Webinar. Read below for more information about Education Fund of America co-founders.


Greg Wing

Greg Wing is President and CEO of Education Fund of America. He is also founder of Bedford International, a successful financial services firm founded in 1991 that specializes in corporate finance, specialized tax solutions and corporate incentive negotiations.

Greg also co-founded and is a Principal of Green Card Fund, a USCIS-approved Regional Center in Arizona  He spun off Education Fund of America to be a specialized financing entity that exclusively finances charter schools via the EB-5 program through direct affiliation with Green Card Fund.

Bedford International has financed many billions (USD) to real estate developers and business entities located throughout all 50 states. Bedford Lending is an authorized commercial real estate lender for two US Governmental Agencies, HUD & USDA. This HUD lending company has financed numerous: healthcare, hospital and multifamily facilities. Bedford created a successful Wall Street based securitization entity in 1998 to finance Governmental leased properties, including US Post Offices.  The Company also has operating divisions that have provided billions in specialized tax solutions and corporate incentives.

Earlier in his career Greg helped create two high tech companies and later took them public. He was a senior executive at several Fortune 500 companies, later providing turn-around consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Greg Wing is a national speaker and published author on corporate finance and specialized corporate tax matters. He has served on numerous boards of directors at for-profit and not-for-profit business entities, including the board of a commercial bank.  Further, he has served in leadership positions on many civic and church organizations.

Greg has a B.A., Economics, St. Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

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Mike Morley

Mike Morley is the founder of American Charter Development (ACD), a successful charter school development company. Mike has completing construction on 41 charter schools, with many more in the development schedule. Find more info here:

ACD has a lineage that goes back over 32 years when Mike founded M-13 Construction, Inc., a successful commercial construction company.  He is also a successful commercial real estate developer with numerous successful projects. Mike’s companies have built dozens of educational facilities including district schools, school administration facilities and university buildings in addition to charter schools.

Mike Morley’s long history of successful management of construction projects numbering in the hundreds, as well as his commercial development experience, have allowed him to assemble a highly skilled team that is knowledgeable in all aspects of charter school development – from initial site selection to construction and marketing – to successful management of schools.

Additionally, Mike Morley has served as an elected Representative in the Utah State Legislature for the past 10 years.  He currently serves as the Chairman of legislative oversight for Higher Education in Utah.   Previously he served as the Chair of legislative oversight for the Utah Department of Commerce.

Mike has a B.A., Engineering/Construction Management, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA.